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written by owen on 2004-Jul-11.

owen there is nothing of interest on the site.
you mean to tell me its over three years now and you still have not found any sensible material to post. come on man. by ray (today)

As I read your comment I said to my self "but wait, what is sensible material?". So I prayed then went to google because google knows everything. I did a search for "sensible material" and realised to my amazement that there is no possible way of getting that stuff to fit on a website.
But being as I am, I looked up the definition for sensible just to be sure I wasn't being an . I just took a definition which seemed to be more to the point;

acting with or showing thought and good sense;

Hopefully that's what was you meant but I don't care because nobody I know in jamaica really uses or understands the internet - this is not a newspaper. Well, I have really. The website is a double sided cheese cake filled with cherries, 3 different kinds of cake mix and those multi-colored candy type things that you sprinkle into the dough in order to make the cake look funny when you cut it. It's complicated, simple, useless and informative all at the same time. It tries to be everything, to everybody. Sometimes I'll make a funny post (I think) but as time moves on and they get archived. I am not much of a writer. I change, the website changes with me.
It's never static, it never hopes of one day being rich and famous. It hates banner ads and popup windows. It's best enjoyed with a cup of tea by the fire place or microwave. There is nothing really productive on this website nor do it pretend to have a level of maturity or is the answer to life, the universe, and everything. But at least when you visit the page it loads fast :).


Mad Bull submited so pictures of Lime Cay, he has a webblog and so does Yamfoot. I went to the Jamaica Consumer Electronics Expo 2004 last staturday and it sucked, sucked big time. Where are the Cuban dancers from last year?

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  1. hush, do what you want..is yours. And it says "weekly writings" so we expect one post per week! just keep that up and you'll be fine.

    by yamfoot 2004-Jul-12 

  2. i visit owensoft.net daily, and a new post always privides me with MUCH entertainment and interesting stuff. even if nothing is actually said i am in stitches over your spelling and rather unique use of the english language. keep it up owen!

    by t 2004-Jul-12 

  3. owen, I arrived here from my bredren Mad Bull's site. (He is the one who got me invloved in blogging and since then I must admit I like the interaction.)

    Why would someone post a comment like this at your site? The way I see it, if you don't like what you see, move on. Anyway, you really didn't get too fluffed about it in your response.

    Your description of your site, in a way is similar to mine. I am going to keep visiting and probably you can give mine a prips on o dem days when boredom lick you! ;-)

    by Doctor D 2004-Jul-12 

  4. friends from college have a vested interest in my projects and expect a possible event, occurrence or result. Which isn't very apparent at the moment. But they don't have a website so I'm not too offended by anything they say.
    Prips? what does that mean?

    by owen 2004-Jul-12 

  5. Your site, like mine or t's or allens etc, are mearly personal journals with anicdotes, musings & other random things. I dont think the point is to be pleasing audiences or to be like simplebits etc. Its your life, if ppl find it interesting thats good. If not, they prob wont come bak. I find posting to my blog relaxing, and in the months to come, i can look bak and see what i'd been doing/thinking. Just like a journal. So i say, keep posting all that non-sensible material, ill keep reading it.

    Oh, when you getting an xml feed? or did i just miss the link?

    by pointybeard 2004-Jul-13 

  6. it is RSS2 but it only have the recent page

    by owen 2004-Jul-13 

  7. what pointybeard said.

    by Enigma 2004-Jul-16 

  8. "Content of interest" and "Sensible material" is highly subjective. What one find interesting could be merely trivial or possibly downright waste of time to others.

    "Sensibility" on the other-hand denotes/defines content that adheres to the boundaries of common social/moral issues. This have no bearings in its relation to "matter of interest", unless of course the content's explicitly is beyond acceptable social boundaries (i.e. sexual or discriminative content).

    So, keep up with what you write, because to me it's both interesting and [very] sensible.

    by Allen 2004-Jul-20 



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