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Its all been done before

life in black and white

written by owen, published 2004-Feb-03, comment

I've been messing around with the website again. Moving around some of my CSS tags adding the new sections which have been long overdue. And yes, I realise that there are no colors. As soon as I pay my hosting fees I'll be good to go.
I plan to allow people to add photos to various sections of the site. I'll be adding some as well which I'll be talking with my brand new digital camera (serious bids only). I bought a 64 mb SD card as well. It would have been a 256 mb card but I ran out of money - twice.
Hopefully if I ever go outside in the day light I'll be able (God's willing) to take a picture.

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flash project added

written by owen, published 2003-Oct-01, comment

related pictureI've had some swf files on my machine since 2000 (for those who don't know what swf files are don't worry about it ). Anyhow they were technically gathering dust so I uploaded them so that people can laugh at me. Plus it can be considered as content which you might have noticed that I have a lack there of. Most of the animations are unfinished and are best suited for people with high-speed connections or patience.
Though I no longer use the application, others might find my previous stuff interesting.
View The Flash Scrapbook ( 1999-2001 ).

thumb picture

from eP emptyPictures is photoblog website with photography. Bright colours are cool.

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erase and rewind

written by owen, published 2003-Aug-26, comment

My harddrive died last saturday. It seems as though I was never ment to have 3 harddrives in my machine - all at the same time. A clicking sound beset the ill-fated magnetic disk device. Over a year's worth of downloads, pictures and assorted wave files. I am not sad though, even though my computer can't boot. I needed to clean my inbox. Not the best way to do it but anyway the milk has dried.
I'll have to buy a new harddrive, format and begin anew. None permanent media sucks.

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california dreaming

written by owen, published 2003-Aug-23, comment

I've being trying to think up new and unique sections to add to the site resently. It appears every thing interesting has already being done, reported on, displayed, modified and discussed. I seem to have pulled a blank with it comes to ideas. :(


  • I need some ideas for new content. Anybody got any ideas?
  • I got a 80 gig hard drive. :)
  • I'm not mad at the whole avatar thing. Really I'm not.

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Version 4 - site up

written by owen, published 2003-Aug-10, comment

In case your wondering. This is the new and hopefully simpler, more meaningful version of my website. Yes, I know it's "A web site about nothing". I had nothing meaningful to create a website about so I decided that nothing would be the best alternative.
Anyway the previous home page still works but I though I'd keep the forum and the main website separate. Hopefully making the whole thing easier for everybody to understand.
You can post comments now or ask questions in the questions section. Hope you had a nice weekend :)


Mike's blog is back online at . His theory of adult male/female interaction aka the ladder theory is a pretty interesting read.

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