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A sweet fix

written by owen, published 2008-Jul-25, comment

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hmm good morning or is it afternoon? So based on the previous tattoo category suggestions. I have come up with a solution to the problem of it being too difficult for some people to find interesting pictures of tattoos to upload/add/post.

Firstly instead of naming the category "tattoo" a more general name can be used such as "random body pictures" or "modeler" or 'hand jobber" or something like that. So the people with their tattoos, foot fetishes, hand fetishes can add pictures without having to think too much. I hesitate to include anything else because it will only have us headin down a slippery slope.

Any good ideas for a name for the new category?

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Gods Child commented: hand jobber will get you a lot of hits [indifferent] ... read 10 more

July 2008

written by owen, published 2008-Jul-13, comment

Hey there Delila

Updated The news project

  • Changed the main page layout to show all three sections at once in 3 columns

  • I killed the frame
  • change the header image. now more confusing
  • css in the jamaica section is slightly improved
  • added previous week, next week link to main page
  • changed the submit form so that it automatically picks up the header of the link that you enter (Stunner: why is there a image in your header title?)

Other Stuff

  • At some point last week I started using the default wordpress theme - I've changed it back. It should be in the appearance settings if you want it back.

  • The random photo journal has reach 100 photos which means that the other categories are being completely ignored or they are too tedious for the mental capacity of the populous.

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I Heart Daft Punk commented: You should do a category for tattoos...Yeah, you should totally do it. I posted a picture in the Random Photo about free hugs, and I never saw it on the site. It was a good one too. Bah humbug. I think everyone is over seeing my feet in the sky, but if you want I can submit several more photos in that genre. LMAO. ... read 8 more

April 2008

written by owen, published 2008-Apr-10, comment

Well the news site has been up for about a month now, still abit hard for my mom to use. I added a news RSS feed as well.

I have a GTalk box in the sidebar which allows people to chat with me whenever I have google talk open. Testing that out abit.

I changed the image paths in the RSS feed hopefully everybody is seeing the images now.

Links to youtube are now automagically converted to video objects. So if you want to post a video just put the youtube link in the description text and the website will do the rest.

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News Beta Live

written by owen, published 2008-Mar-04, comment

Took about a week, rest of the time spent testing. It is basically a big news magazine. There is no content that is ACTUALLY on the site, however the sites purpose is to direct people to where the content exists. Its like a REALLY FANCY BLOGROLL. Any suggestions are welcome. Right now anybody can post links to any blog posts or news stories they wish ( even if its your own ). So if you watch a movie or you anixous about something or you caan cook or wrote something that you'd like to share just click the "submit link" link and add it to the site.

It will look better as I mess with it over time and get user feed back....anyway.....News - Today on the Internet(Working Title).

Its pretty simple whether its worth while is yet to be seen. Its all about self promotion, directed local content and ease of use. There are only 3 sections now, more sections/countries/categories can be added if needs be. There is no comment feature on the actual site (as users are encouraged to post comments on the actual "linked" site). I have full control of it so don't hesitate to tell me what needs to change to make it better.

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Feb 2008 - news

written by owen, published 2008-Feb-11, comment

Some might notice that I have removed the news link from the menu. I'm redoing it. People have been going there and not finding anything of interest to them. So I took it upon myself to develop a dedicated website where links can be posted to various types of interesting stuff videos, pictures etc. Blog posts and the opinions of bloggers are of special interest and will be encouraged over other media sources.

I'm still playing around with the concept of how it will look and work ( meaning that I'm almost done ). Its going to be like a magazine of random interesting links to other webpage. Right now there are 3 sections: Main (with everything), Jamaica (with jamaican stuff) and International (foriegn news). I don't really know about other caribbean islands so I wouldn't take up the task of having a whole section for them unless I can get links to whats cool in those areas.

Anyway thats the jist of it. If you want to see it while I work on it send me a email or leave me some ideas on how best to do it in the comments.

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