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The best band name ever?

Musical group, singers, the Wailers or crazy rock band. Name a good name and why so.

written by owen on 2004-Sep-21, Answer this question3

michael_halvorsen answered: pink floyd by far. they have so many albums to chose from. all of their albums are a little different, but still definately pink floyd. i can honestly say there isn't a pink floyd song i have ever been sick of hearing. ... read 2 more

Would you move to the moon?

Let say they are offering 200,000 people the chance to live on the moon, rent is cheap, you don't have to pay taxes, you don't have to work, you can visit every six months and internet access is free. State your reasons.

written by owen on 2004-Aug-30, Answer this question4

doctord answered: i love atsronomy. I could give the moon a try even for a time if I were given the chance. ... read 3 more

What new movies do you recommend?

You have noticed that there are close to a million new movies coming to theaters this summer 2004. Some may be total rip-offs, you'll watch them anyway. You cannot watch them all. Which movies are worth your mother's hard earned money?

written by owen on 2004-Jun-20, Answer this question9

roseability answered: all movies are crap. very few exceptions. i only ever go to the cinema for the company :) ... read 8 more

1987 movie Like Father Like son, song title or artist?

1987 Like Father Like Son, not the best movie of all time but the song in question has stuck with me through the years. Whenever I re-watch the movie, I rewind the movie to play this song over and over. I've always wanted to get a copy of the song without all the peoples' voices in the movie.

written by Wayne Mangum on 2004-May-11, Answer this question3

Wayne Mangum answered: 29 minutes into the movie, just as Chris (in Dudley Moore's body) & Trigger (Shawn Astin) walk into the "high class" nightclub, what is the name of the song/artist playing in the background? ... read 2 more

What is your weapon of choice?

say if you were a ninja/viking or some other kind of moral warrior. Like that chick in kill bill but you don't necessarily have to be a woman. What kind of weapon would you use most?

written by owen on 2004-May-09, Answer this question23

shade answered: a spoon. rar! ... read 22 more