What new movies do you recommend?

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written by owen on 2004-Jun-20.

You have noticed that there are close to a million new movies coming to theaters this summer 2004. Some may be total rip-offs, you'll watch them anyway. You cannot watch them all. Which movies are worth your mother's hard earned money?

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  1. all movies are crap. very few exceptions. i only ever go to the cinema for the company :)

    by roseability 2004-Jun-21 

  2. Chronicles of Riddick, Hell Boy, Spiderman 2, Blade: Trinity, Sky Captain and the world of tomorrow, Zatoichi, The Village, Alien vs Predator. I can go on, but I watch on average 2 movies a week. Unfortunately very few turn out to be what I expected. Save for Ocean's Eleven, Gatacca, The Game, Fifth Element, Kill Bill Vol1&2, Matrix, etc.

    by Allen 2004-Jun-21 

  3. I said new allen. new

    by owen 2004-Jun-21 

  4. Well, I loved punisher. Dawn of the Dead was cool. Like allen said, Spiderman-2....oooo Oceans 12. Of course Riddick. Hey Owen, are you in one of those countries that gets all movies months before us, here in OZ, do? Curse them! Cuz all those movies that allen mentioned (cept for the bottoms lot) arent out here yet.

    by pointybeard 2004-Jun-24 

  5. well in jamaica we get big movies like the matrix on time and others just happen to get shown whenever palace feels like it. Plus we have fewer theatres and cheaper tickets so you can't really blame them.

    by owen 2004-Jun-25 

  6. I liked Shrek2, a di boom movie that!

    by Mad Bull 2004-Jul-06 

  7. Haven't seen a new movie in a while. Can't remember the last one I saw.

    But I'm now watching Heat for the millionth time. It's on TNT and it's the ultimate cops and robbers movie with the best - Al Pacino and Robert DeNiro

    by Yamfoot 2004-Jul-07 

  8. I would say dirty harry is the ultimate cop and robbers movie or was it showtime. hmm...

    by owen 2004-Jul-07 

  9. i have a friend who is a manager at our local theatre. i've been seeing movies for the past two years for free; i've seen a lot since.

    of the long as list i've seen, by far, one of the funniest (not a word) was napoleon dynamite. wow, if you think you've seen a funny movie, you're wrong.

    a good action movie that i saw in the theaters, that is still out now was collateral. great movie. if you are a fan of the movie heat, you'll like it.

    and with out much thought, kill bill vol. 1&2 were awesome. wow.

    by michael halvorsen 2004-Aug-30