What is your weapon of choice?

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written by owen on 2004-May-09.

say if you were a ninja/viking or some other kind of moral warrior. Like that chick in kill bill but you don't necessarily have to be a woman. What kind of weapon would you use most?

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  1. a spoon. rar!

    by shade 2004-May-10 

  2. there is no spoon

    by owen 2004-May-10 

  3. one of mass destruction

    by sadam 2004-May-11 

  4. There is no weapon of mass destruction

    by United Nations 2004-May-11 

  5. i would wanna honestly use a sakaba sword. i'm a big fan of samuria's

    by death_knight 2004-May-12 

  6. there is no sabaka sword

    by invisible_fred 2004-May-14 

  7. Hmm, well i would say, somthing that makes them die, and not me. Maybe some sort of Anti-Opponent body field of death. Failing that, then i like katana's, but they so does eveyone. :p

    by pointybeard 2004-May-14 

  8. the sword of omens

    by Lewis Henshall 2004-May-14 

  9. final fantasy weapons not allowed. Although a Ak47 Gun-blade would look intimidating. hmmm...

    by Owen 2004-May-14 

  10. the sword of omens being from thundercats... ho!

    by Lewis Henshall 2004-May-17 

  11. a computer with devo software n satelite access lol
    that and a nice katan 4 when the pc crashs

    by kaizer 2004-May-18 

  12. Probably a weapon forged by someone with 'Dark Lord' in his name. That or the Sparda from devil may cry which strangely looks like Force Edge thingy from Namco's Soul Caliber, that would be interesting to mutilate people with :D.

    by DMCfanatic64 2004-Jun-08 

  13. BFG 2000

    by DOOM GUY 2004-Jun-22 

  14. Rubber Mallet

    by The Chad 2004-Jun-22 

  15. wasn't the BFG from quakeII?

    by owen 2004-Jun-22 

  16. A demon fire sword

    by elmo 2004-Jun-22 

  17. Nemo's (the fish) dead uncle

    by rincewind 2004-Jun-22 

  18. a tuba

    by goofy 2004-Jun-22 

  19. a giant demonistic fork that kills stuff

    by poophead 2004-Jun-22 

  20. my mom in the morning

    by gooberfuncle 2004-Jun-22 

  21. my son's sword

    by links mom 2004-Jun-22 

  22. Walther P2k silenced with a laser on the barrel to aim with.

    by Nathonix 2004-Jun-22 

  23. the ultimate weapon a time controler I forged it myself.

    by The Dark Lord Azdul 2005-Jul-01