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How many pockets do you have and what do you have in them?

written by owen on 2020-Aug-13, Answer this question1

kiki answered: I have 3 I have coins and seashells in them ... read more

What are you looking for?

the time is now.

written by owen on 2020-Jun-10, Answer this question

ComputerHuman answered: A vevo channel maker ... read more

What if you are creating the disaster within yourself?

written by owen on 2020-Feb-25, Answer this question4

Tami answered: Is this a statement or a question? I don't understand what you are trying to say or ask here. Please elaborate. ... read 3 more

What were your favorite songs/videos Of 2019?

What tunes were rocking to last year? put a song name or youtube/vimeo link in the comments. It does not necessarily have to be a song published in 2018. How I do keep track of it is by saving a playlist that I add songs to through the year, so that at the end of the year I know what I had liked. Otherwise if you have a good memory just add a comment with the list of songs.

written by owen on 2020-Jan-10, Answer this question13

owen answered: Daddy1 - Custom Munga Honorable - Nah Mad Koffee - Rapture CHARLY BLACK - GYAL YOU A PARTY ANIMAL ... read 12 more

Whey you bad from?

written by owen on 2019-May-11, Answer this question2