Would you move to the moon?

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written by owen on 2004-Aug-30.

Let say they are offering 200,000 people the chance to live on the moon, rent is cheap, you don't have to pay taxes, you don't have to work, you can visit every six months and internet access is free. State your reasons.

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  1. i love atsronomy. I could give the moon a try even for a time if I were given the chance.

    by doctord 2004-Aug-30 

  2. well, if i was given the chance to take a rocket up to space with no way back, i'd do it.

    i'm not sure if there is a whole lot more beautiful than space outside out atmosphere. it'd totally be worth it.

    by michael halvorsen 2004-Aug-30 

  3. Nope, cause no cricket not playing on the moon. Can't do without cricket.

    by Michelle(yamfoot) 2004-Sep-05 

  4. Well it depends on what part of the moon and for how long, when it’s sunny it considered on 220°c and when it’s at night its like 100°c+ below freezing...and I would also miss my family.

    It also depends on the food because I don’t feel like eating toothpaste; I would die if I didn’t have McDonalds

    by Sabrina 2005-Mar-22