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How does the pollution of the harbour affect economic activity

For a project i'm conducting

written by Devon on 2004-Apr-18, Answer this question10

owen answered: Probably you should be looking at how the pollution of any harbour affect any harbour rather than specifically searching for one harbour. Then after much reading formulate an answer based on your findings. But I guess you already read [url][caption]Concern Rises Over Plans to Dredge Kingston Harbour[/url]. ... read 9 more

how many songs can 128 mbs hold?

I want to know

written by Amil on 2004-Apr-14, Answer this question6

owen answered: 128 kbps (normal quality sound) expect to have approximately 30 songs strored in that 128 mega bytes. 30 songs equals 1.8 hours of total play time that is unless you battery runs out before you finish listening to the songs. I am assuming that all the songs are about 4 minutes long, so if your the songs are shorter or longer then you will be able to store more or less. ... read 5 more

Do You Watch Anime? If yes which is ur favorite?

I wanna find more animes **********.

written by Amy on 2004-Apr-03, Answer this question6

owen answered: is it just me or is there a whole alota people named AMY roaming around here? Anyway "Ghost in a Shell" is one of my favourites along with "Blue Seed", "Tekken" and "Gun Bomb". There are a few more but I can't remember them at the moment. There was also one called "Bebop" something ....hmmm. ... read 5 more

is flash flowchart opensource

I found the flowchart on this site searching google. I was wondering if the Fla's are available- else if the author has a tutorial on how to keep objects connected when dragging.

written by clark_obrien on 2004-Mar-09, Answer this question16

owen answered: One of the more complicated files using alot of actionscript. Very hard to understand and even harder to set up. however the main principle behind it is quiet simple. [list][*]you first need to be able to drag clips around[*]then you'll need to know how to make the line stretch from one point to another point on the screen. This I stole from a flash movie called "strum" available over at [url][caption]uncontrol[/url].[/list] once you get those working you'll realise that each line is a movie clip and each dot is also button. You will then procedure to build an array which tells the lines which movie clips they are supposed to stay attached to. each time you drag a button, you then call a function which moves the lines to their respective spots (using the array). that's the jist of it. If you can't do that then you could always just draw your chart in photoshop and export it as a jpeg. You searched through 50 pages of google results? well you seem determined enough. if you still want the fla email me and I'll send it. ... read 15 more

Can you teach me flash? Is it hard?

Can you teach me flash?Is it hard? What websites can i go to to get tutorials, support, advice,etc.?

written by kesi on 2004-Mar-02, Answer this question2

owen answered: Once you downloaded the [url][caption]Flash MX 2004[/url] app. It's pretty easy to learn how to do simply effects once you get past Flash's little quirks. There should be a tutorial under the help menu (depending on which version of flash your using) successfully getting through this tutorial should get you going. With a sme practice you'll be up and running in a week or 2. After you've done with the first tutorial visit the [url][caption]flash development center[/url] for more tutorials and advanced stuff. ... read 1 more