1987 movie Like Father Like son, song title or artist?

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written by Wayne Mangum on 2004-May-11.

1987 Like Father Like Son, not the best movie of all time but the song in question has stuck with me through the years. Whenever I re-watch the movie, I rewind the movie to play this song over and over. I've always wanted to get a copy of the song without all the peoples' voices in the movie.

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  1. 29 minutes into the movie, just as Chris (in Dudley Moore's body) & Trigger (Shawn Astin) walk into the "high class" nightclub, what is the name of the song/artist playing in the background?

    by Wayne Mangum 2004-May-11 

  2. you do know that there is a list of songs featured in the movie in the the credits right? (very near the end, right before the XXMM stuff).
    You should see the song your looking for. If you don't recognise the name try writing them all down.

    by owen 2004-May-11 

  3. scroll do on till you see 'Original Music by' on the full credits on imdb of Like Father, Like Son hopefully taht should help.

    by owen 2004-May-11