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I need a new file share system to download mp3 files any suggestions?

umm i wanna know

written by Tami on 2004-Jan-20, Answer this question20

shade answered: burn files onto a cd. drive to friend's house. swap cds ... read 19 more

why doesnt any thing i type get sent when i press the send button?

ive been trying to send my boyfriend an email but everytime i press send it stayz there wat is the matter???

written by Heather on 2003-Dec-27, Answer this question1

Does soccer teenager Cristiano Ronaldo have a girlfriend???

I want to know about him!!

written by AMY on 2003-Dec-27, Answer this question365

Jess answered: My friend keeps telling me cristiano is gay bt i dont think he is cud sum1 please tell me the truth??? ..................... luv u cristiano xxxxxxx ... read 364 more

what mp3 players have the most avilable space for a reasonable price 100 200 dollars

I was going to get one.

written by kyle on 2003-Dec-25, Answer this question4

owen answered: get an [url][caption]ipod[/url]. It may be expensive but there is simple nothing cooler. Plus you get to use itunes with it. The was also the rumor about a 100 dollar ipod. just keep praying. ... read 3 more

is it proper or permitted for any restaurant to mix decaf and regular coffee together

This incident happened at a casual restaurant. I seen the waitress mix the two coffee's together and I was very upset for numerous reasons. Health reasons being the most crictical reason.

written by flo on 2003-Nov-30, Answer this question12

shade answered: i don't drink coffee at all, but (i'm guessing here) wouldn't it taste weird? ... read 11 more