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Truck or SUV?

what is the difference? Since recently everything is a SUV.

written by owen on 2004-Nov-19, Answer this question2

Stu answered: OK, to me a truck has an open bed. An SUV is a truck chassis but the bed area is covered and it has seats in the back. ... read 1 more

Where in the world have you been?

Move to Japan and teach English

written by owen on 2004-Nov-13, Answer this question4

Arie answered: I've been abroad for vacation to France, Greece, England (London) and single day trips to Belgium and Germany. London was the best though. ... read 3 more

Two years ago I was..?

Lets take a trip down memory lane.

written by owen on 2004-Oct-27, Answer this question9

AngryDog answered: 25 and just beginning grad school. Sad, I can't think of anything else that defines my life two years ago...dammit Owen! ... read 8 more

What are you addicted to?

Are you compulsively or physiologically dependent on something habit-forming.

written by owen on 2004-Oct-08, Answer this question17

Hayo answered: internet. ... read 16 more

Why do they have a expiration date on bottled water?

It is water isn't it. What happens after it expires.

written by owen on 2004-Sep-30, Answer this question16

Hayo answered: It turns into hydrogen gas and explodes. ... read 15 more