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Logbook » boble snogle

written by owen, Tue, 13th Jan 2004 at 11:39 am

I noticed I'm getting alot of these dumb "home work" questions. I can't believe that people actually type "I want to ask a question" in boble!
Most people would like having hundreds of random hits but it isn't really fun anymore.
Even though I get the occassional stupid question and hate mail. What good is if I don't get comments? I guess it the gradual progression of websites. first it's the whole design, concept, boble love, user interaction and then finally to get a couple hundreds smart people to join your site.
boble tends to have random unpredictable results at times. Usually it works just fine.
I guess all I need is a little time, to get behind the sun and catch this wave.

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matthew commented: i want to ask a question ... read 2 more

Guestbook » Kgn Jamaica

written by MiTcHiE, Sat, 10th Jan 2004 at 12:18 pm

Just giving a holla. Its been a while since i visited ur site.

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owen commented: I would prefer if you would click the [b]comment[/b] link and post your opinions on the bits of nonsense I write. I recently noticed on your site ([url][caption]MiTcHiE: Idle Pics From Jamaica[/url]) that it is forcing people to register before they can make comments. Is this your doing? ... read 33 more

Logbook » 2003 year in review

written by owen, Fri, 09th Jan 2004 at 11:39 pm

Writing a review for a whole year is most likely impossible or a complete waste of time. Plus if you have to read a review for an entire year then chances are you have wasted a whole year and you are about to waste another year catching up on a year that has already passed you by - slacker. This observation might change next year at which point I will have to write another review.
The was the whole iraq issue. One thing lead to another and people started to die. The new york blackout, 50cent, bush, kobebryant and reality tv shows everywhere.
The important thing is that we learn from the good things we did last year and stop player hating people. ok

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The iPod mini - mini Review

written by owen, Tue, 06th Jan 2004 at 4:40 pm read 10359 times.

Ropy commented: Why would some in their right mind buy an IpodMini over an Ipod, when the only difference between the two is $50 and 9,000 mp3's. Think about it; even if the cheapest Ipod could only hold 4,000 mp'3 you would still be better off getting it over the Mini. Would you sacrifice capacity for weight and size? I sure wouldn't, especially when the Ipod is already slim weights next to nothing. alt.Binaries = Ropy = Same Person. ... read 15 more

why doesnt any thing i type get sent when i press the send button?

ive been trying to send my boyfriend an email but everytime i press send it stayz there wat is the matter???

written by Heather, Sat, 27th Dec 200314 years ago at 1:31 pm , Answer this question1