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The iPod mini - mini Review

written by owen, Tue, 06th Jan 2004 at 4:40 pm read 10359 times.

Ropy commented: Why would some in their right mind buy an IpodMini over an Ipod, when the only difference between the two is $50 and 9,000 mp3's. Think about it; even if the cheapest Ipod could only hold 4,000 mp'3 you would still be better off getting it over the Mini. Would you sacrifice capacity for weight and size? I sure wouldn't, especially when the Ipod is already slim weights next to nothing. alt.Binaries = Ropy = Same Person. ... read 15 more

why doesnt any thing i type get sent when i press the send button?

ive been trying to send my boyfriend an email but everytime i press send it stayz there wat is the matter???

written by Heather, Sat, 27th Dec 200314 years ago at 1:31 pm , Answer this question1

Does soccer teenager Cristiano Ronaldo have a girlfriend???

I want to know about him!!

written by AMY, Sat, 27th Dec 200314 years ago at 11:57 am , Answer this question365

Jess answered: My friend keeps telling me cristiano is gay bt i dont think he is cud sum1 please tell me the truth??? ..................... luv u cristiano xxxxxxx ... read 364 more

what mp3 players have the most avilable space for a reasonable price 100 200 dollars

I was going to get one.

written by kyle, Thu, 25th Dec 200314 years ago at 10:26 pm , Answer this question4

owen answered: get an [url][caption]ipod[/url]. It may be expensive but there is simple nothing cooler. Plus you get to use itunes with it. The was also the rumor about a 100 dollar ipod. just keep praying. ... read 3 more

Logbook » happy holidays

written by owen, Wed, 17th Dec 200314 years ago at 12:21 am

We had a house party on friday, well actually they had a house party and it happen to be at my house. Surprisingly only one causality who had to be brought home because she had a little too much to drink and a little too little to eat. Nobody was killed and nothing was stolen (yet to be discovered). On the menu were a couple cases of ice, 20 2 liter bottles of soda, chicken, rice and peas. Complete with a sound system banging out the latest dancehall music such as sean paul, elephant man, kartel, etc. It was quiet impossible to sleep during this altercation so I just sorta stood around, watched everybody and drank a liter of caffeinated soda. I didn't know anybody, wasn't much of a dancer, drinker or mingler so I slept through some of it. When the sleep failed I stood around trying to look as less of a nerd than usual.
Well if you don't see me - happy holidays to all. if I find a computer I'll post something next week - if not then it'll be the other week. Eat and avoid killing other people as much as possible. If push comes to shove - shoot in the legs as many times as necessary.
I have some new sections planned for 2k4. In the mean time I like to wish all readers and everybody else a happy whatever you celebrating time.

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shade commented: yaya, happy everything owen! ... read more