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Logbook » running with the devil

written by owen, 2004-Apr-1

Sometimes you feel like there is something more, something calling you, like the matrix but on dvd. Then you wake up.
High school? what? who? Apparently I've managed to erase all knowledge of everybody I knew in high school and not have a clue who they are or the silly stuff they used to do. It's six years ago, how am suppose to remember. Geek amnesia I think.
Have you noticed the sudden decrease in visible escalades driving around town for no good reason or is it just me? Or has all the matrix and "bling bling" hype died down. I need people to buy more escalades! Drive them around a bit or are they not cool anymore?
Seems like every rap artist at some point or the other sold snow. Get a record deal, learn to rap, sell a few CDs and get filthy rich and brag about how you had a hard time growing up selling snow. Buy some escalades and get shot a few times.
The local police have been doing spot checks of cars on the highway for past couple of months regularly. At first I thought is stopping random cars by the road and shooting them up if they refused to stop was a total waste of time, but now I kinda get the genious behind it. Not that I've seen it happen but that would likely be the end result.

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Logbook » nothings gonna change my world

written by owen, 2004-Mar-29

Blue screen stop error this morning. Seems like any and everything on windows platform is doomed to crash sooner, later or every 5 minutes. Whether you careful or not you can not hibernate forever.
Probably it was because netscape was taking up over half my ram or maybe I should actually shut the machine down every couple a days. It's a pain to restart, you'll soon forget what you were doing the day before and most likely take you a whole freaking day to get back up to date again.
However the install disk saved the day, a simple check/repair boot sector option did the trick. I wasn't so going to format the machine that easly. Before I do I prefer to search through each dll with a wordperfect in dos from a ram drive or eat my own head.
Lesson learned: formating is the last option. One should keep a cool head an consider the options at hand.
And for the other none geek if you haven't been to the flash workshop archives or the chatroom go there now.

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The people project » owen

written by owen, 2004-Mar-24

if you look carefully you can see the reflection of the camera in my eye .

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Kash commented: Yeah owen i can also see that your pores are clogged and you need to shave that goatee off if we're ever gonna get married ... read 5 more

The people project » shelly

written by owen, 2004-Mar-24

There is nothing here between these lines.

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The random photo journal » Gate 5

written by owen, 2004-Mar-24

At the air port, gate 5 or maybe 6.

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