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Review Nintendo Game Boy Advance

written by owen, 2004-Apr-8 read 3575 times.

Susan commented: My Daughter has a game boy advance and the games are so expensive. C U L8R. x x x ... read 36 more

Do You Watch Anime? If yes which is ur favorite?

I wanna find more animes **********.

written by Amy, 2004-Apr-3, Answer this question6

owen answered: is it just me or is there a whole alota people named AMY roaming around here? Anyway "Ghost in a Shell" is one of my favourites along with "Blue Seed", "Tekken" and "Gun Bomb". There are a few more but I can't remember them at the moment. There was also one called "Bebop" something ....hmmm. ... read 5 more

The random photo journal » Wing Tip

written by yard Man, 2004-Apr-3

Wing Tip of Air Jamaica A320 aircraft.
This flight was enroute from KIN/MBJ to JFK.

Notice the Static wicks at on the end of the Tip.

Well u may ask what is a Static Wick?

A static wick is a piece of metal connected electrically to the frame of the aircraft, with one or two spikes or needles on the end. It is housed in a fiberglass rod to insulate it from the airplane. Because the spikes concentrate the electric charge around them, and they are connected to the airframe, they allow the airplane to dissipate any static electricity it may build up out into the air. Also - if lightning DOES strike the plane, the chances are that the electricity will go through the dissipator and not through the airplane.

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The random photo journal » Winter Strom in NJ

written by Yard Man, 2004-Apr-3

Bwoy ya'd people this winter did tuff iah. This is a shot taken the day after bout 12 inches of snow fell in NJ round December 2003.

Road kine a clear still; snow plow come thru and did the best it can to clear the streets.

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owen commented: the cold conditions serious man. I nah go no weh in winter. Caan deal wid de cold atall. ... read more

The random photo journal » de ritz carlton

written by Yard Man, 2004-Apr-3

Driving past the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Rose Hall MBJ. Bwoy a think wi did a go bout 65.
Nice shot still, wha unnuh think?

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