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Technology » virtual insanity

written by owen, 2004-Apr-28

Clearly I have been spending far too much time on this computer addiction/geek feast/lord of all things software lifestyle. No warning on the box whatsoever. Multiple projects gone incredibly out of scope, problems here, problems there, updates, improvements, optimizations - all out geek dom. Roses really smell like boo-boo-booo? I need a vacation.
Probably I should become a fireman or something outdoorsy, save some people from themselves or there own bitter stupidity. Get my hands dirty. Or maybe I should put forward my plans towards becoming president of my dear little island nation (if it survives) eventually taking over the world and killing every single terrorist on the face of the earth - really. Clearly somebody or everybody over at cnn has something up their but normally excessively devoted to one faction. Should still be a time enough for me to write a record, get eminem and dr dre to produce it, go plat, win a grammy and crash my 50,000 dollar H2.
I need to get out to mingle with the other people not in my instant messenger window, hiding in the chatroom or obsessing over useless information. I should dust of my radio and start listening to none mp3 based music in my ever open media player. Get drunk, get some sleep read a book, dooce's baby and get complicated.

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shade commented: jamiroquai useless indeed. ... read more

Logbook » Rule the world

written by owen, 2004-Apr-23

Nine twelve, left exactly a week later, not because I wanted to hijack a plane as soon as it was legal to fly but because that was when my flight was scheduled. I would have stayed for the winter, for the women but I have a tropical personality.
It was already rediculously cold, finished FFIX, didn't have cable and so the events that onfolded were the only programming I (or anybody else) could watch. It so happened that all the local chanels were on the north except ABC and another spanish channel. Both had all week continuous coverage. And I was watching every second of it. Not a good way to end your summer vacation.
I simply hate when significant historical events happen, especially in my life time. In a hundred years from today, the news headline will be "20th century sucks big time" or "britney clone half price special end-of-century offer, one per household, must have 4.0 GPA or better" .

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MaThIbUs commented: <cite>In a hundred years from today, the news headline will be "20th century sucks big time" or "britney clone half price special end-of-century offer, one per household, must have 4.0 GPA or better".</cite> LOL! But the scary part is: you might just be right... ... read more

ChangeLog » Substitute for love

written by owen, 2004-Apr-19

No I didn't go to the Carnival thing on sunday. Definately would have been cool to get some pictures of that and post them up here on the website. Well maybe next time.
Clueless as to why my site not in top 5 jamaican website. Not that I claim to be more jamaican, than anybody else, nor does my writing skills get me tons of girlfriends. However, this is a website, I updated a couple times in the past two years, it's html. I don't have the national flag up anywhere though maybe that would elevate my jamaica website status. I have a chatroom and some photos, with comments!.
No problem though maybe next year.
I think this is the completed design, I do not see any reason to change it anymore, everything irie. I have in the past changed it many time during the night for reasons I don't know maybe it all the drinking or lack of sleep.
also forgot to mention ben's photo project

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shade commented: mano, this is the best jamaican website i have ever seen or read. admitedly i have never read any other jamaincan website, but that really isn't the point. some of the best humour on the web! ... read 1 more

How does the pollution of the harbour affect economic activity

For a project i'm conducting

written by Devon, 2004-Apr-18, Answer this question10

owen answered: Probably you should be looking at how the pollution of any harbour affect any harbour rather than specifically searching for one harbour. Then after much reading formulate an answer based on your findings. But I guess you already read [url][caption]Concern Rises Over Plans to Dredge Kingston Harbour[/url]. ... read 9 more

The wheels project » BMW 325i

written by Ben, 2004-Apr-17

My 1994 325i. My 1st Car my prized possession right now.

Mods: Alpine stereo and infinity speakers all around and smoked side markers. More on the way I'm sure.

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