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On the menu: Smirnoff

written by owen, Wed, 06th Dec 2017 at 7:41 pm

at the juice bar


Havana Club

written by owen, 2016-Sep-23

Did I tell you how cheap liquor is in Cuba? Its the same price as water.


Big Jo, Orange strawberry Banana

written by owen, 2015-Dec-19

No description


American Honey RIP

written by owen, 2015-Sep-14

Woke up and found that SOMEONE! Had drank all my honey :(

comment 2

Publix Malta

written by owen, 2015-Apr-23

I did not even know you could make malta from corn syrup. Someone invented a twist off pop cap to save the people from painfully watching someone try to pop a bottle cap with their teeth. Nothing but carbohydrates in this. I got so bored drinking it that I poured some in my corn flakes to give the milk a little flavor.


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