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On a good day OddOne is female child, Graphic Artist, 44 years young, hangs around a place called "jamaica".

I have a cool website at Be sure to check it out.





Graphic Design, Internet, Entertainment Info

Interview Questions

How do you feel about peeing in the sea?

I never go into the water... because I'm not terribly fond of mingling with other people's pee...

BTW pee is your least concern regarding body fluids excreted at sea... [nasty]

If it means anything pee does rhyme with sea... [mocking]

Why aren't there any pics of the baby's daddy?


Which is more important family or friend?

The person who has my best interest at heart, irrespective of whether or not i agree with their position all the time...

What makes you different from everybody else?

If you know me, u know... simple

Whatever you're doing at this precise moment, will it matter a day from now?

Yea... or i'll not get paid on the 25th... It a countdown

If you got the chance to live forever would you take it??

I agree with madbull... If I could remain a particular age, say round about 30 - 35... I would.

Blog Jamaica » Shottas and murders

written by OddOne, published 2007-Jun-24, comment

I sit here 2:28 am on June 24, 2007 befuddled. I cannot understand what would move a human being to take the life of another human being. What kind of preparation does it take to 'mek a duppy'. Is it drug induced? Is it a hobby? What is it? Are these manufacturer assassins? Whats going on...

I'm looking at Yahoo... A policeman was charged with murdering his extramarital girlfriend and his unborn daughter, leaving his 2 year old son motherless and inevitably without a parent... Another was arrested at the funeral home prior to attending a memorial for his wife and his three children, whom he apparently murdered.

All this lead to me remembering the more than a dozen men who torn of the burglar bars to a home and murdered a woman and her 7 year old daughter. What is going on?

I think we have alot of SHOTTAS posing as BUMBOHOLES...

'Shottas'/'Real big man', whatever the hell they are called, have been acting in the capacities as posers ie bumboholes... Shottas are supposed to engage 'enemies' of equal standing...

Babycham has this new single in which he mentions these posers, whom I refer to affectionately as bumboholes, murdering women and children and proceed to go on 'the corner' to brag about it as though its 'cute'.

I passionately plea with these posers to engage 'enemies' of their own standing. Is it that they are afraid that the outcome may not be favorable(being the 'baby & lady badman' that they are) and they'd end up on the Madden or the KPH/Under Police Guard end of the bullets.

BTW FYI I am not defending or endorsing 'Shottaism', but even the mobs and mafias have codes of conducts/rules of engagement...

Word to the Posers, engage the constabulary, military, shottas,other posers... aka bumboholes like yourselves...


comment 8

madbull commented: You can't depend on them to listen to you, so you need to put in for your permit, go range go practice and when them come to tes' you, buss up some shot pon dem like this woman here... ... read 7 more

Do you think wanting Rihanna (anna anna anna... a) dead is unreasonable?

This has been keeping me up at nights...

written by OddOne on 2007-Jun-17, Answer this question11

owen answered: you scare me [sad] ... read 10 more

Does race influence one`s level of aggression?

cuz i can ask...

written by Oddone on 2006-Jun-06, Answer this question10

Gods child answered: no and because I got this error: Is that all you can say; no? you aren't much of a speecker are you? I'll just add, no I don't think so. Anybody can be an ass. ... read 9 more

What do people bother to eat healthy?

1. U still gonna die.
2. Our foreparents ate crap and lived longer.
3. Doesn't greasy go down easier?

written by OddOne on 2006-Mar-02, Answer this question5

Mad Bull answered: The forefathers ate crap and lived longer because they were doing more physical work, their stress levels were lower, etc. Dash weh you TV / video games and go outside go do some manula labour and you can do anything you want to.. To be a couch potato and live longer, you have to eat stronger. ... read 4 more

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