1. and i call this one... traffic is a bitch.. i gotta do this everymorning and it sucks ass...

    by taylor 2006-Sep-20 

  2. aren't we suppose to be boycotting the highway?

    by owen 2006-Sep-20 

  3. Bwoy, the air quality looks crappy. You can't even see the hills.

    by mad bull 2006-Sep-20 

  4. isn't the point of toll roads to reduce traffic?

    by Gods Child 2006-Sep-20 

  5. there is actually a bottle neck right down the road from there. At which point the traffic either turns off or merges into one lane.

    by owen 2006-Sep-23 

  6. dont lie owen it merges into 2.. and the genius them them gonna expand the toll road to 4 lanes and it still gonna merge into 2.. God Have mercy on us.. them too dishonest they know it wouldn't work but them approve it anyway.. them must go jail

    by taylor 2006-Sep-23 

  7. it totally merges into one if you going to halfway tree. which probably 1/3 a the people doing.

    by owen 2006-Sep-23 

  8. I'll have to take you word for it i work downtown so i rarely go to halfway tree from portmore atleast...

    by taylor 2006-Sep-24 

  9. yup, saw the traffic this morning. traffic going both to downtown and half-way-tree

    by owen 2006-Sep-25 

  10. It would be cheaper and more environmentall friendly if the government restart train service and offer discounts for rush-hour riders heading into Kingston.

    by Jim 2008-Feb-02 

  11. not gonna happen

    by owen 2008-Feb-02