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On a good day taylor is single, male child, Web Application Developer, 39 years young, hangs around a place called "jamaica".

I have a cool website at www.taylor2nd.animesynergy.com. Be sure to check it out.

about a full rack of ribs


I think i'm a fun person, I'm a technology geek, love gadgets and i LOVE anime and music (they both struggle to be number 1). I love my family and friends, Try to hold friends in high regard.


anime, music or music and anime :s (idunno yet), women, cars, programming, technology friends, reading (dan brown kicks ass, so does thomas hardy).

Interview Questions

How long would you stay at your job if you could be guaranteed the salary you want plus the benefits you need but would have to do very boring and repetitive work?

Well honestly I was in just that situation the other day and I quit. not only because it was boring but some darkness that was going on as well. At the end of the day I realized that it was either I quit or they'ld fire me because i wasn't motivated to do my job anymore (sick n tired of it). As a result I switched things up. I"m happier now, I"m doing what I really want to do, with some of what i used to do on the side (but in the minority of my time).

Yay for me.

How has 2007 been for you?

its been good. I've started my track to becoming a renowned photographer.. well kinda.. but anyway.. its not to late to make it great..

Whats your fetish?

:(. boobs.. i cant help it.. like seriously its the highlight of the females body.. I mean i can appreciate alot of other things esp as ya'll know i like thick women.. but.. boobs..

oh.. and the famale mouth... ;)

Is blogging dead?

blogging isn't dead never will be either. as long as people ramblementally and use the internet blogging will live on.. I"ve been blogging for maybe 2 years and some change.. i dont feel unwanted or unused ne more. ma stats proves it. if i feel to take a break i do.. but generally i dont.. blogging it self is just fun for me. and i welcome the new blogs. its something more to read.. thats about it.

what do you think of social networking sites?

i hate all of them.. especially facebook because it went against its purpose.. here's a rant i did a while back. cant bother re-iterate the reason i dislike

Are you who you are or who you want to be?

I'm paving my way everyday. I'm not exactly there as yet but i'm not that far off either. I can see the person a bit clearer now in the mirror in the mornings :) he's a really cool looking guy with a pretty successful business.

Traveling without moving » frosty window

written by taylor, published 2006-Sep-23, comment

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staring out the window looking at the sunset through the frost on the bus window

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owen commented: rain is good. I can see the highway lights ... read more

Blog Jamaica » Miss Ja Contest 2006

written by Taylor, published 2006-Aug-20, comment

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Taylor does Miss jamaica world 2006 finals. Laci, Renne and Gillian are pictured.

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Hayo commented: My invitation got lost in the mail? :( ... read 20 more

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