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written by owen on 2018-Nov-06.

No man is a island - rings true to me more than anyone else that I know. Everyone lives in their own world with their own custom version of calculus. A slightly tinted version of reality and physics.  Carrying nothing but feelings for years and years. Trapped in their bodies.  All watching the same television but getting different a interpretation of what they see.  All I can do is hope for the best outcome.  It is important to me that the people are living their best life but one is never sure. Sometimes the forest is thick with leaves.

I will certainly avoid anything that puts me in?to any kinda of uncomfortable situation. The payoff does not even matter if the journey is full of choas, trials and tribulations. Ignorance is only bliss if you never find out what hit you. While if you figure stuff out early at least you can skip some of the traps with the comfort of knowing that it could always be worse.

I finally got the new tires I needed. No more rolling around wobbling because of flat spots on my old tires. One less "old car" issue on the checklist of issues that can easily be resolved without major work.   On to the next thing.  Cars are expensive to maintain and buying a new one is often like switching brown dog for black puss. Or blass puss for brown dog depends on how you look at it.  Most people will only tell you half the story because misery likes company.   And we tend to remember the good times and forget the headaches in between.

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