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written by owen on 2018-Aug-19.

On this trip abroad I took 1230 photos on my aging point and shoot (Canon PS Elph 300HS) a small potion of which at 30 second videos. I have started sorting through them and carefully choosing the ones to post since my website is currently at 74% of its alloted storage space (2.7gb). On this trip I was not very mobile since I was staying in the suburbs with a new born and a 7 year old who got mad because I did not want to co-op minecraft with him. The suburbs are far away from all the sites and sounds of Toronto. Uber/Taxis would have ate through my budget like a hot knife through cheese and I was not going to do any driving on those crazy highways.

As soon as I touched down FLOW roaming charges were like $100 JMD a minute or something similar. I had only $34 JMD credit on my phone by the time I left the airport. I probably should have done some research on the roaming costs instead of simply guesstimating it. I did see a text about a $999 free incoming call package but I wrote that off as "trash" pretty quickly. Modile phone rates are trash all over the world especially with so many people addicted to it.

I had a great time, none the less. Kensington, Waterparks, Center island, Niagara Falls, walked around to Toronto and made a diamond sword in PS4 Minecraft despite all odds against productive playing. A vodka and coke (with tons of ice) in the club is roughly 8 CAD and parking is 20 CAD at one club. I am not sure if it was because it was close to Caribana or alcohol on a whole is expensive in Canada. Most days were overcast and it rained once - flooded Toronto - and there was a sunny day when the wind chill was not so bad.

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