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written by owen on 2018-Jun-09.

I am still waiting on car parts that I bought online while trying not to have one of my wheels fall off while I drive down the road at the speed limit. I have come to the conclusion that you might as well buy two of everything because everything is always nearing the point of slowly going bad. But the hesitation is what if you buy this extra stuff that you do not need and then you crash into a wall and get stuck with parts and no car to put them on.

No man is an island. Even if you are married or somehow enslaved into an obsession you always need to take care of your responsibilities. Responsibilities are inescapable. Sometimes calmer minds are the only ones that can see that the hill is very steep and your tires do not have enough traction to keep you from losing control. The current drama matters very little. It is the drama that is at the bottom of the hill that you really need to worry about. Most things pass with time.

I have been drinking lots of water. Playing the crystal clear pee game with myself while digging through my old inbox is like going through old clothes. Apparently I got e-vited to a wedding that I do not remember attending. I think I would have remembered something like that but back in those days I was less mobile did not has as much free time. Sorry Colleen. I have always been less adventurous than most people fearing that I may end up in some sort of catastrophe at the hands of someone who is giddy headed.

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