Devils and Angels

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written by Anonymous on 2018-Apr-29.

Being the king of convenience that I am I like to have everything working perfectly or as close to perfect as possible because you dig everything of which I am ashamed. After visiting the dreaded wheel alignment place I have changed both my front shocks and am in the process buying the rest of the front end parts. Parts which under normal circumstances would be easy to acquire but seeing that I drive an uncommon car I have to go out of my way to acquire the parts I need to keep all 4 wheels on the road. Choas in life is a certainty.

Maybe I should buy a whole new car and bestow the gift of this struggle unto another person for a discount on the sale price. But hell is always a lemon away and car loans are the new form of slavery.

I am eating pawpawya and a banana for breakfast as I watch old music videos I had downloaded in 2004 thereabouts. I can almost feel the point in time when these videos where free and awe inspiring in their newness. I can peal away the layers a little if only for minute as the song fades out. The mix of genres is so wide that I wonder how I have so few so but then I remember that I was probably downloading them on dialup. Now the 4:3 aspect ratio really shows its age on my widescreen 16:9 television. Oh how far we have come. And yet no where.

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