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written by owen on 2018-Oct-11.

I often surprised by the number of things that I can do but I am not doing for one reason or the other. Not to mention the things I could have done but did not. All the things you say. I live in a minefield of my own creation. Obviously. I have to do something and in my world "nothing" is a valid move as long as I can avoid regretting it. In the long run all that matters is what you give away for free and what you survive.

I am almost done with the car repair. All I need now is some new tires as I travel the land of Tiidas and potholes. Hopefully the tires fix the last main nagging issue. Old car issues are inescapable. Old cars are naturally moving towards a state of chaos. All the parts want to separate like a sand castle on a beach at high tide. The best way to keep old cars together is to not drive them at all but at that point you might as well sell it.

If its raining at lunch time and I forced to leave work there is a high chance that I might go home. When it rains. Everything becomes more chaotic. Luckily on this occasion I ended up downtown assuming that I would have better luck and easier parking. The parking was not perfect but the rain did let up so I threw on my pink poncho and headed out into the unknown food court full of customer service reps.

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