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written by owen on 2018-May-27.

Stability is most likely my favorite feature when it comes to anything. That is why I had to change 2 front shocks, 2 mounts and 2 bushings on my car. Maintenance is a exercise in endurance and sometimes tears. The car has reached the age where I either sell it or keep fixing the things that go wrong with it. As you know cars like monkeys are always heading towards a state of chaos and ultimate destruction. Like falling down a river but never knowing when you will hit a rock or a pothole. I have seen worse.

Everyone is living their own life but I do not care for chaos. I like when people are dependable and are reaching for a place of greater independence. It does not matter how fast you are moving as long as you are getting better. I am not sure why one would bring crosses onto themselves. You will can do anything but you always have to be cautious and cognizant of chaos that surrounds you. It is all chaos, everywhere. All one can do is hope.

I have been having trouble finding a new replacement car because I tend to get attached to things and nice things are expensive so I spend forever making a decision while I hide in the tall grass. I do not believe in swapping one set of problems for another when the latter set of problems could just as easily be resolved but not being rash and looking at things objectively. Weighing what you are giving up in order to gain something else.

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