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written by owen on 2011-Oct-18.

True freedom can only come from understanding one's self. You will find life much simpler once you figure out the kind of monster that you have become. Sometimes I will sit and watch people walk by at lunchtime and I would try to imagine what they are looking forward to, what numbers they played in the lotto, and where they would rather be at this very moment in time. The men are clearly hungry, the children want to go home and play, the old woman is deep in thought as she carefully sips her soup. The women want a longer walkway so their hips can be fully appreciated. Its a mixed bag. Your differences make you special.

Of course there are the odd few lurking in the shadows, biding their time and planning their escape. I am sure what they want, my best guess is that if they could they would build a fence around the building so that everybody would be trapped inside, walking around in and infinite loop. It makes perfect sense. Sometimes desire is its own master.

My lunch time is over and though I have things to do and people to see - I have to break my own rules like a monkey. Plus I have to finish writing, if I leave now, I may lose the moment, my future words may be muddied by shifting tides and swaying hips. I have capture the moment in words before they turn into memories. Stop.

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