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written by owen on 2011-Jun-15.

The funny thing about getting older is your ability to look at things outside of yourself with a sort of cock-eyed pessimism. I'm not sure if it is the same for everyone. But I have this new found sense of scoope when it comes to certain things that used to puzzle me when I was younger. Now these things are measured on in there ability to cause me never-ending pain. As opposed to when I was younger there was always a potentional to be exponenially happier than I was at the moment. I feel as if I'm heading towards a higher level of singularity. Or maybe I'm losing some marbles. Eitherway I have clearly passed one tipping point or tripped over another.

I still like video games however, and chicken - cannot get tired of the chicken. I hope to one day achieve my wings and fly to heaven or better yet get drunk off cafiene and fly to Barbados. Blew up from the ground like NASA. Like a buttery. The view outside the glass house is very different from the inside, even though you are seeing the same thing; everything is less cloudy from be refracted by the glass. Duke Nuken Forever is coming out finally.

I usually avoid taking money for projects before I complete them but this was a special case. I wonder if I should buy a new television or an expensive cellphone. There are so many facinating things that are waiting for better batteries. My electricity bill is through the roof. I probably should invest in some solar panels but it has been raining none stop for the past 10 days.

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  1. can you save up the water for the next drought?

    by Gods Child 2011-Jun-16 

  2. can't really keep water too long before it goes bad

    by owen 2011-Jun-16 

  3. very interesting blog son... post more and have you seen Skyline and Battle LA?

    by TheAinzlee 2011-Jul-10 

  4. I watched them both online and they were pretty terrible and generic. They tried but I've seen better B-movies on syfy.

    by owen 2011-Jul-10