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written by owen on 2011-Apr-26.

I'm fine, I'm on FB as "Owen Soft". and I am rarely on twitter as "softnewsmag" because somebody stole my regular nickname so I'm just chilling here, waiting, like a bmonkey. I do not really have the smart phone to make proper use of twitter, plus I find it very annoying because everybody on there seems like they all have A.D.D or maybe I am getting too old for it or I was born this way. I plan to get a smart phone as soon as they stop making so many of them. I had my birthday last week. Noticed I said "had" and not "celebrated" because who really celebrates birthdays any more? I've never really been a birthday person, I love turtles - turtles are cool.

So like Jesus, I turned 30 last week and people wrote on my FB wall but I could not help thinking about all the things that I could likely get sent to jail for, now that I am old and SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER. I remember when I was younger and getting sent to jail was nearly impossible because I got good grades and my clothes were always neatly tucked in. Flash forward now, everybody is all serious, two-faced and moody, the weight of the world bearing down on them like a SUV with no breaks, making declarations that only serve to mask their helplessness in the socio-economic wasteland that is humanity.

It never ends. I may have to stop wearing t-shirts and stop driving around in small 2 door cars in exchange for a van with really bad gas mileage. Of course you could say the world is what you make of it but people never really leave you alone - there is always something else. Luckily for me I can still afford to buy chocolate cupcakes at Megamart and I can tell the lady that it is for my kids and she would not be the wiser. Small mercies.

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  1. I didn't even know you had a twitter account bro! i'm glad i stopped by.

    by Aurie 2011-Apr-27 

  2. you will see me tweet on it once in a blue moon, however there is the news, so i guess it is good for something

    by owen 2011-Apr-30 

  3. ha ha ha
    chocolate cupcakes for the kids. . .
    are you really thirty Owen? I thought you were turning twenty five honest

    by Gods Child 2011-Apr-29 

  4. she would not be the wiser. Yeah I'm getting old and time will not leave me alone.

    by owen 2011-Apr-30 

  5. You still look the same way as when you were 19.

    by Tami 2011-May-02 

  6. I don't see that has anything to do with anything, unless maybe I should been a fashion model

    by owen 2011-May-03