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written by owen on 2011-May-06.

I know I have been posting nothing but Food pictures lately. I happen to get into these self destructive habits where I find something cool and I just keep doing it, like a monkey, until I get bored or I have exhausted all possible permutations of the problem. I hate calculus 2 though, that stuff is evil. I find something interesting and I will gnaw at it until there is nothing left - I'm not obsessive, I just like having a river to swim in.

I said I was going to redesign the website, I will get to it eventually, I have been working on secret stuff for other people so that I can get more money cuz I need more drugs. Added to the fact that I have been building a game for the past 3 months. The game does not contribute to my need for drugs, it contributes to my asexual tendency/need to play with myself. I try to balance things out or maybe I am just avoiding the problem of world hunger and cold fusion. I donot know.

I will get back on track eventually, one way or the other. I imagine that if I take enough naps in a day, drink 8 glasses of water - I should eventually get so tired that I will get up and do something. I am half way there. What is life without a series of unpredictable annoyances? Anyway I only have a few more food pictures left. And if all goes well and the world doesn't kill me I will fall right in sync with the rhythm of nature.

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  1. do you really have to redesign the website?

    by Gods Child 2011-May-09 

  2. The last time I [url][caption]Changed it was January 2010. I usually do a redesign of the theme, even if its just a matter of changing the colours.

    by owen 2011-May-09