I'm Not Calling You A Liar

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written by owen on 2011-Sep-02.

Facebook is like the new planet of the apes movie. Tons of people will still like it, even though its nothing but pointless tripe. It is the same problem, trying to convert millions of people to watch Hanna (which is a much better movie IMHO ) by saying that Hanna is better than a movie full of CGI monkeys is not going to work. Real change only happens at the most basic level down to the very core of the soul of the individual. Aside from that nothing will ever change and you have no no other choice but to watch and laugh and try not to get accidentally killed by the ignorance that you must endure. Hell is other people.

Some particular songs you often find yourself singing in the in bathroom, make absolutely no sense. It is often just a sequence of notes and sounds organised in way that you brain seems to enjoy repeating over and over. I am not sure why, the dog days are over. It is not often obvious why some people like one thing and others like something else, or why a large amount of people have no opinion on anything at all. It is almost like they are sheep being lead to pasture, eating the same grass every day with no hope of chicken.

I find it annoying if you have no opinion or perspective on anything, just going along with the flow of what everybody else is doing, living off borrowed opinions and projected memories seen through the window of a glass house that is moving ever so slowly in front you. One day someone will kick you in the nuts.

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