Rolling In The Deep

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written by owen on 2011-May-19.

I thought I would write one last blog entry out to the press before the world comes to an end. Nothing worst than leaving my readers and fan club on the limb without a last will and testament. I love you all, except the ugly people, no body is perfect. I always wondered why disabled people look disabled or more so awestruck. It is bad enough that you as disabled in some way but you have to look disabled too? Why can't disabled people look like fashion models? Life is not fair. Be thankful for who you are, count your blessings and not your problems.

I spent most of last night ranking up in COD:WAW online. Yes, I know it is a dam old game from 2008 but I sworn off buying any more games until I finish the ones I have. Anyway, nothing really happens in the game besides me playing the same 4 or 5 stages over and over again while getting shot in different places on the map, by different people I cannot see or hear. There is some mild enjoyment there, similar to that of a crack addict getting his latest hit - no offence to the female crack addicts out there. I would not say that on-line multi player is a TOTAL WASTE OF TIME but do I really have to waste a whole day of my life just to get the scope attachment for my machine gun? Even porn is more productive.

Stephanie does not like plantain tarts, I'm not sharing any of my guilty pleasures with her again. Some people are so ungrateful. I don't know, why does the whole world have to come to a end? Its been around a long TIME! I'm always been fascinated with the human race's ability to NOT COLLECTIVE CARE ABOUT ANYTHING AT ALL. I think it is one of our strongest attributes. I mean if the trees disappear all the birds will be like "WTF HAPPEN TO THE TREES???!!!". But half the human race will be wondering why they can't get any paper anywhere, 30% will be busy trying to grow trees in space and the other 20% will be saying; "hey, what's for lunch?".

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  1. Hey, what's for lunch?

    by Tami 2011-Jun-08