1. how can I get me, myself an unlocked Iphone?

    by owen 2008-Sep-13 

  2. Sunday Classified ad's.

    Cellphones are good because you have one button to press to hang up on people.

    by Tami 2008-Sep-13 

  3. I never read the classified ads especially for electronics ITS SO BACKWARDS THINKING

    by owen 2008-Sep-21 

  4. They are good for making calls when your car has broken down on the highway, or when your engine cuts out when you are out night fishing a couple of miles off-shore, or to tell your drive-too-fast bredrins who are coming behind you that you are waiting for them in a speed trap up the road.

    by Mad Bull 2008-Sep-13 

  5. lots a car problems you having there hmmm...

    by owen 2008-Sep-21 

  6. ...and they also are good for keeping a leash on ya ... not to mention for those who like to cheat .... easy mode of secret contacts and messages ...and it helps criminals to communicate more efficiently ...oooohhh and not to mention lots and lots of jobs and cell sites and sponsorship .... hoooorayyy to.... whatever man [trouble]

    by bobby 2008-Sep-14 

  7. It is good for communication purposes.It also allows people to get away with telling lies.The other day I was coming off a JUTC bus when I heard the driver tell someone on the phone that he was in Halfway Tree when he was in Spanish Town Bwoy I tell you.The constant increase in cellphone technology has allowed people to capture there precious moments and to download their favourite songs on their phone.

    by cazychick 2008-Sep-15 

  8. didn't you English teacher tell you that there are 2 spaces after a full stop?

    by owen 2008-Sep-15 

  9. haha, look whose talking! Pot a call Kettle black

    by Tami 2008-Sep-17 

  10. nowadays only one space I think.

    by Gods Child 2008-Sep-17 

  11. laziness!

    by owen 2008-Sep-21 

  12. sending r-rated text messages to your boo

    by Gods Child 2008-Sep-15 

  13. Letting your friends know that your outside, especially since nobody bothers to shout "hello" or knock on the gate with stones or car keys nowadays.

    by Gussie 2008-Sep-16 

  14. bill collectors, jehovah's witnesses to name a few

    by owen 2008-Sep-21 

  15. to take pics and send to ur man in forin

    by Pepper 2008-Sep-19 

  16. @ Gussie ... i still do! not wasting my credit calling people when i'm right outside, especially as some people will start a conversation BEFORE letting you in!

    by Towne Crier 2008-Sep-22