An entire nation screams noooo!

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written by owen on 2008-Aug-22.

As shock ripped through the island like bad case of heart burn. It had seemed like a sure win. If I had a video camera shown the sound of silent shock that ripped through the face of the audience as the announcer continued after stating "Jamaica has lost". Its like having your cake and getting a free one which you proceed to drop in a river.

People set out for the work day dress in the black, green and GOLD colors of the national flag tears of disappointment ran down their faces. Many wagonists blamed it on not having fresh legs in the event. But the difficulty in relays is not only the running but the passing of the baton. USA never drop the baton 2 times simply because dem salt. Its actually hard.

Hopefully this doesn't happen in the men's 4x100 final. As Asafa Powell is already having a bad day. A bad ending to the whole thing would only put a dark shadow on what has been achieved in the Olympics so far.


Well done Team Jamaica. To di weeerrrrllll!!!

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  1. i wont lie yow im still distressed over the women's race. the place was soooooooo quiet.

    by pepper 2008-Aug-22 

  2. Cho... dem salt! Still, anybody can mess up a baton change, even superwomen like our girls... hell, even I have muffed a baton change. Admittedly that was back in about first form (grade 7 for the furriners :) ). Of course, nothing like that could happen ever again! Whats that? No, I am not just saying that because I will never get the opportunity again! You think I'm washed up or wah? :|

    by mad bull 2008-Aug-22 

  3. everybody ton athlete [friendly]

    by owen 2008-Aug-22 

  4. good thing all those people had something to cheer for after the fumble with the baton.
    Now we have baton drop and baton fumble. Funny but most people don't realize that we messed up the British team that was beside us in the confusion. They were disqualified too.
    ...but a so it go. can't win them all.They all made up proudER.

    by Dutty Bwoy 2008-Aug-23 

  5. Did you notice that the Russians screwed us up on the last leg in the women's relay race where we got the bronze? I think it was the 400m, not sure...

    by Mad Bull 2008-Aug-24 

  6. screw us how?

    by pepper 2008-Aug-24 

  7. yes relay's not a strenght, however you guys have shined everywhere else.

    by Cranky Putz 2008-Aug-25 

  8. [congrats]Yes i know i'm days late to this but yayness for Asafa!!!

    I guess the cassava soup wore off the girls a lil earlier than expected. Ohh well. Celebrate the wins and the losses. They had to loose else we would stop getting VISA's for the U.S.

    Everything happens for a reason

    by Tami 2008-Aug-25 

  9. it couldn't last for ever
    think Tami has a point about the visas

    by Gods Child 2008-Aug-25 

  10. we maybe have to go to olympic rehab [cry]

    by owen 2008-Aug-25 

  11. I felt it too, when I heard when happened on the radio while driving to work. I was really, really disappointed when the women messed up. But, the men did well this time! Still proud of them all.

    by Stunner 2008-Aug-25 

  12. anyone noticed that time actually seem to stop for awhile after they dropped the baton ... it was eeerie

    by bobby 2008-Aug-27