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Black Style

written by owen, Mon, 04th Dec 2017 at 10:53 pm

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New Brake Pads

written by owen, Thu, 09th Mar 2017 at 8:41 am

Finally managed to ship something into Jamaica that was below the 50USD duty free threshold. Too bad changing them did not get rid off the squealing sound, mechanic says I need to bed them in :(

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Blue Bug, Cuba

written by owen, 2016-Oct-23

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Classic Car, Cuba

written by owen, 2016-May-16

In a country where importing cars is not easy, not cheap, and the world does not want you to - you just kinda have to take care of the cars that you have. And when you inherit your mom's or dad's car you better make sure you take good care of it or you will find yourself taking the bus.

It is not as tough as it sounds though because Cubans are very calm and courteous drivers. They drive these cars everyday as taxis and everyday commuting. They are not in a rush to go anywhere and wait patiently at intersections to allow people to cross and cars to pull out into the road. While visiting the Plaza de La revolution I was surprised that there is no cross walk to go to the other side. Nor is there any cross walk on the Malecon. Pedestrians including families and children just walk across with minimum stress. This certainly doesn't mean you should act a fool crossing the 6 lanes.

So its easy to keep your car in pristine conditions when everybody aint suffering from road rage and trying to run you off the road like they have pot pon fire as we would say in Jamaica. If you got a car in the sixties its you family car for life. There are new cars in Cuba though but mostly European cars; Peugeot, Lada, MG, VW etc.

Not all the classic cars are like the one in the picture - you do have about a 30% or so total rust buckets wobbling down, the road filling the air with exhaust smoke. And alot of them new korean engines but are still going strong with OG parts.

Pictured is a 1949-ish Ford something. I do not remember exactly what he said it was. They are all American cars. Since Cuba doesn't build cars. If you choose to go on a classic car tour make sure that the guide has a good handle of the english language before you set off.

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Lada, Cuba

written by owen, 2016-Apr-28

I doubt most of these cars have original engines but in either case it is suprising what people can maintain when they have limit resources, tools and the will power. The thing with cars in Cuba is that they are all family cars passed down to children from parents so few of them are bought or sold. In which you had better take care of your car and its harder to pass off your problem child to someone else!

Drive train pop out?

Drive train pop out?

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