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October 2008 - bodyshots?

written by owen, 2008-Oct-24

Its been almost/over a month and when I check the list of submitted items there is NOTHING there for the Bodyshots category. Its seems that Karl's post may have cursed the category to utter fail. Not to mention pepper's laziness. I didn't want to create the category because I knew everybody/most people eat too much poultry and would turn chicken.

I implore you people to submit some pictures! tattoos, eyes, hands, whatever.

In other news

The news section can now be viewed in a pictures only format called News By Photo (for those who caan read). Be reminded that anybody can submit their blog posts to the news section and the trendy among us who use feed readers can subscribe to the news RSS feed which is constantly updated.

Next site redesign is going to be black with lots of grays an white text.

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Tami commented: The section has been Jinxed. I suggest a delete or revision of your photo policy. ... read 6 more

September 2008 - Bodyshots Live

written by owen, 2008-Sep-7

The BodyShots category is active. I still haven't gotten back my camera. Will somebody please christen the category with a picture that sets the precedence. Lets pray this doesn't turn bad.

I also changed the home page making it simpler and lighter. Its like 4 kb with rotating images using jquery. yay for jquery.

NB. Also note that the images you upload should be in landscape form. meaning that they should not be portrait or this is going to happen.

The "are you sure?" javascript popup confirmation was also removed as per request by the lazy people.

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Stunner commented: Like the new look. Glad to see you started the BodyShots category, now I only need some models. ... read 7 more

August 2008

written by owen, 2008-Aug-11

Based on the previous discussion on the new category about tattoos/feet/head-shots Stunner suggest to name the new category "Body Shots". All in favor say Aye (plus something more because the comment box would allow you to say one word).

Also I've been thing about a Food category as well similar to Pimp Juice except well its food. It should be in a plate preferably.

Technical Mombojumbo

There is also the problem of whether these new categories should show up on the main page when new items are posted. I know this maybe hard hard for some of you to understand but there are actually things that I post on here that go straight into the archives. The reason for this is to prevent the logbook posts from being quickly pushed off the home page by dozens of pictures.

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mad bull commented: Body Shots sounds good 2 me. Show up on main page? I am undecided on that one... ... read 3 more

A sweet fix

written by owen, 2008-Jul-25

hmm good morning or is it afternoon? So based on the previous tattoo category suggestions. I have come up with a solution to the problem of it being too difficult for some people to find interesting pictures of tattoos to upload/add/post.

Firstly instead of naming the category "tattoo" a more general name can be used such as "random body pictures" or "modeler" or 'hand jobber" or something like that. So the people with their tattoos, foot fetishes, hand fetishes can add pictures without having to think too much. I hesitate to include anything else because it will only have us headin down a slippery slope.

Any good ideas for a name for the new category?

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Gods Child commented: hand jobber will get you a lot of hits [indifferent] ... read 10 more

July 2008

written by owen, 2008-Jul-13

Hey there Delila

Updated The news project

  • Changed the main page layout to show all three sections at once in 3 columns

  • I killed the frame
  • change the header image. now more confusing
  • css in the jamaica section is slightly improved
  • added previous week, next week link to main page
  • changed the submit form so that it automatically picks up the header of the link that you enter (Stunner: why is there a image in your header title?)

Other Stuff

  • At some point last week I started using the default wordpress theme - I've changed it back. It should be in the appearance settings if you want it back.

  • The random photo journal has reach 100 photos which means that the other categories are being completely ignored or they are too tedious for the mental capacity of the populous.

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I Heart Daft Punk commented: You should do a category for tattoos...Yeah, you should totally do it. I posted a picture in the Random Photo about free hugs, and I never saw it on the site. It was a good one too. Bah humbug. I think everyone is over seeing my feet in the sky, but if you want I can submit several more photos in that genre. LMAO. ... read 8 more

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