January 2009-ish - design preview

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written by owen on 2009-Jan-11.

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So wow, yeah its a new year. I hope you all have realized this. ok cool.
As customary at this time of year I change stuff. Now with the unset of a new year I have an excuse to redesign the website AGAIN without people thinking that I have ADD or chic (elegance by virtue of being fashionable).

  • So the above picture is what the site is going to look like. Yes that is a white background and those are titties. The random mastheads will be back and bigger than ever i.e. the picture.
  • I will also be implementing someway for you to mark your favourite comments and posts so that when the end of the year comes AGAIN, it will be easier to rank them based on popularity rather than masturbatory self love.
  • I also may do a email subscription thing for those people who still haven't figured out rss. And also give the option to send you a email when a reply is posted to your comment.
  • By popular demand you will be able to upload your stupid portrait images. However, I will still be hating on all cell phone and small pictures. Also the maximum size of images will now be increased to 700x525 pixels. This is what that will look like; related picture vs the old
    related picture

Thats about it for the changes (which aren't finished). Start complaining or suggesting things you may want now.

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  1. God, you change your themes like clothes. Nice one though. Like the header. Don't mind coming to that every once in a while.

    by Leon 2009-Jan-12 

  2. once a year? how is that like clothes?

    by owen 2009-Jan-12 

  3. how often do u go shopping for new clothes, Owen?

    About the header...u only cater to one sex....

    by Jamila 2009-Jan-13 

  4. every six months. that caters to all sexs, old and young [mocking]

    by owen 2009-Jan-14 

  5. just mind u hurt urself Owen is all I have to say to ur remark [nasty]

    by Jamila 2009-Jan-15 

  6. Random mastheads are back! (* does triple backflip *) Wheeee!!!! [congrats]

    by mad bull 2009-Jan-17 

  7. wowwww... i like the new screen thingymajiggy ok - so um - im so distracted by the beauty but anyway - did u mean to misspell beauty in your header ... is that yur thang?!

    by tammy 2009-Feb-18 

  8. I'm confused, which tammy are you?

    by owen 2009-Feb-18