Jamaica, July 2015

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Food and Eats » Too Much Sauce?

written by owen, yesterday at 8:22 am

Island Grill, Downtown Kingston

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ChangeLog » Mastheads mid-2015

written by owen, 3 days ago

So far this year I've been playing around with primary-colour patterns for the website masthead and footer. I am never sure what I am gonna do, I just wing it but I have fallen in to a routine now. You can see a list of all the ones (56k warning) I have created over the years. I picked up this habit from dooce some 10+ years ago.

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Living on the edge, noobs and Future geeks (programming)

written by owen, 12 days ago read 403 times.

The Jamaica photo project » Plumb Point Lighthouse

written by owen, 12 days ago

It was a very overcast morning and the waves were really rough on the rocky shore. I saw a small car go by with surf boards on top. I followed them. Palisadoes, Kingston

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Blog Jamaica » Early morning surf

written by owen, 15 days ago

Was hoping that it would rain today since the sky is overcast and the sea is rough. No such luck though some people made use of the weather. Downtown, Kingston. 8 oclock in the morning, with my cellphone talking to my sister on whatsapp.