Jamaica, March 2017

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Food and Eats » St Marys Cheese and Onion

written by owen, 1 hour ago

I might never go back to regular banana chips again. Its that good! It tastes almost like sour cream and onion. I give it a 8 out of 10.

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Music » Florence and the Machine - How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful (2015)

written by owen, 5 days ago

By share luck or divine destiny this has become one of my favorite albums. The songs seems to just flow into each other and I love the wild vocal gymnastics, band music and haunting lyrics. "Sometimes I am half and sometimes I am half out because I never close the door". Sometimes somber and sometimes upbeat. Yes it is in a paper box but I can forgive that for a set of songs that have been an inspiration from the first day I listened to listened to them. Looking forward to acquiring her previous albums.

Notable tracks include How big, what kind of man and ship to wreck.


Music » March2017 got some CDs to borrow

written by owen, 5 days ago

Seems like by the stroke of luck I ended up at a friend's house that had real actual CDs in cases and I got a few to borrow. The guy is a Bob marley fan so that made up nearly half his collection. Being a Jamaican I think I have heard every Bob song ever released - totally tired of listening them - on to the new stuff.

The Sizzla CD is clearly a mix, while the others are popular albums from the 90s which I never had access to except for mp3s. It will be interesting to see how quickly I can run through this mix of gangsta rap, pop, dancehall and alternative music. Spragga and Lady Saw from the 90s, "No waan no kiss, no waan no hug, cauw a backshot she love" and "gal a hype up pon you and she no ready yet". Dancehall in that period was obsessed with having intros to all their songs and suss tunes.


And the Sign Says.. » LP AZAR

written by owen, 8 days ago

I went deep into the world of fabric and saw signs.


The wheels project » New Brake Pads

written by owen, 11 days ago

Finally managed to ship something into Jamaica that was below the 50USD duty free threshold. Too bad changing them did not get rid off the squealing sound, mechanic says I need to bed them in :(

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