Jamaica, April 2017

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Video Blog » Favourite Soca/Calyspo Songs 2017 - Part 2

written by owen, 1 hour ago

Its almost the end of april-2017 but there are a lot of songs to go through so here is a fresh set. If you want want to look at the first list check out part 1.

Voice - Far From Finish(Trinidad)

Shradah Ft. Komante - Good Body(Trinidad)

Adana - Risque (W.I. Riddim) (Trinidad)

Preedy - When I Gone(Vibration Riddim)(Trinidad)

Rayza Saga - Activate Lyfe(V13 Riddim)(Trinidad)

Valene Nedd - Jealous(Grenada)

K Rich - Rude

Honorable Mentions

Shradah - Cyah Stop Meh "2015 Soca"

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And the Sign Says.. » Falmouth

written by owen, 5 days ago

the town is driving chaos


The Jamaica photo project » William Knibb Memorial Church, Falmouth

written by owen, 10 days ago

Currently being refurbished. No pipe organ.

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And the Sign Says.. » Lifeguard

written by owen, 16 days ago


And the Sign Says.. » The Pore Love you

written by owen, Mon, 27th Mar at 8:19 am