Jamaica, September 2014

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Are you doing better than your parents when they were your age?

all things considered.

written by owen, today at 2:30 pm , Answer this question

And the Sign Says.. » Go slow

written by owen, today at 2:08 pm

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Your heart might not be able to take it. While in Belize.


Pimp Juice » Clear Fanta

written by owen, 2 days ago

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I was not really sure if this was water or cream soda. All I knew that it was in a glass bottle. When I asked the bartender to give me a glass he quickly through it into a glass with some caribbean vodka at which point it was all vodka I was tasting. So it go.


Logbook » Work

written by owen, 5 days ago

‎I am the last person you want to leave inside a airport duty free lounge with money in his pockets. Slow like honey. It is hard to resist ridiculously expensive Prada Gucci sunglasses and designer shirts. If only I was not so prone to accidentally losing sunglasses‎ or leaving them in the danger zone. Maybe I need to spread myself around more.  This is how we get by.

The closer things get to perfection, the more likely they are to  fall a part. Nothing is perfect - we all live one version of our life at a time. Change your life.  Love me until you hate me. All we have are memories and each other.  Everything, everyone else doesn't matter. We are driving down a road filled with triple speed bumps and potholes. Its a world of shit but in the end, if you add it all up we only have one life to live. No sense spending it reading the manual.

I hate the feeling. It is like climbing a rope that is hung from the ceiling and reaching the point where your hands can no longer carry the weight of your body. At that point it is a battle with gravity.  You will eventually lose. Winner takes it all. The last few ounces of energy are only enough to contemplate on the past journey to this point. The more you hold on - the less you have.‎

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And the Sign Says.. » Do not flush with your feet

written by owen, 6 days ago

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Saw this in a bathroom in Belize Air Port. I imagine they were getting quite a few broken toilets because some people either have big feet or no hands. Hopefully these people can READ!

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