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October 2007

written by owen, 2007-Sep-26

I'm thinking of moving server hosts but this site isn't easy to move and I'm pretty busy - getting up early. So the site will be down next month until I figure out how to get it working elsewhere.

I haven't changed much though some may notice that if you click the comment link thats in the pink text you get a popout comment box. Get as many comments in while you still can. Later. Its been fun.

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Leon commented: That's cool. Make sure things are up and running soon ok. ... read 3 more

June 2007

written by owen, 2007-Jul-23

I've been busy with a million different things or maybe one or 3. I found some time to put the login form into the comment options (annoying?).
The people page looks all ugly now because I put everybody's website link up on it.

And some may notice that when submitted, somethings donot show up on the front page. so it go. Keeps the home page from flooding. You'll see them highlighted in yellow on the right. It depends on the category.

Added 2 new photo projects;

Office Space Pictures of where you work, your cube, study area or desk area. If you don't have any go out and get a job.

Into the Blue - Pictures of the sky and sometimes the tree outside. As suggested by hayo

seeya in september - hopefully

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owen commented: Yes but click the "other options" link that is beside the comment submit button. The sadness of your cubicle is relative. The only way to make a fair assessment is to show everybody. ... read 2 more

May 2007

written by owen, 2007-May-12

Some of your might notice that I'm putting in a blog thing into the user profiles. Its optional functionality for those who want to keep a journal on this site. Its not done yet but I'm working on it.

I've updated the user submissions terms of use.

I'm changing it around little by little. This is a expansive little application so if something is not looking right or you need a feature request - email me about it(owensoft at gmail dot com) or leave a comment.

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Island Spice commented: hey u thanks for that silly text.. made me smile .. and got a certain someone wondering who the hell is texting me in the middle of the night. patience is a virtue that continues to evade me.. working on it. still haven't read those terms of use.. guess i should huh.. ... read 1 more

April 2007

written by owen, 2007-Apr-10

Its that time of year again when I question my existence and the reason behind this site your looking at. The mispelt title - everything. I will mess with it a bit in the next couple a days. Might delete everything, reset, lay yesterday to rest. Looking back to find my way. Start over? Any feature requests? Any thoughts on the furture?

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tristan commented: Love your work young man. I trust you to keep it good, whatever ya do =). ... read 16 more

January 2007

written by owen, 2007-Jan-1

I've been playing around with the site again, minor changes still. You will notice that there is more ajax all over the place - not the soap. If it gets annoying just tell me.


You will also notice that now you can add smilies by clicking the smilie face beside the comment box. Madbull yanked that one out of me. They have nice little descriptions so that you know what each smilie means. When you click on one the box disappears - tell me if this gets annoying.


Your last 5 comments show up on your profile now.


The Forum is all ajax-y as well. It might even be easier to read the site in the forum, try it.

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Mad Bull commented: Gimmi a quick explanation of AJAX... I notice its one of the buzzwords nowadays, but thats all I know about it... tonks fi di smiley dem. [smile] ... read 7 more

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