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Some things I learnt about SQL (programming)

written by owen, 2015-Jun-16 read 834 times.

owen commented: TRUNC is not all bad it does have a purpose when used. It takes off the time part of the date making the comparison a whole date without the time getting mixed in. Without trunc you would have to use '31-JAN-2015 23:59:59' to get the last hours included in the results. So don't go changing stuff that works without knowing the side-effects and testing. If it aint broke..... ... read 2 more

Our Ideal Candidate (programming)

written by owen, 2015-Apr-28 read 1382 times.

Pie in the sky technology (programming)

written by owen, 2015-Mar-22 read 10663 times.

owen commented: You have 3 producers re-tweeting crap links that 5000 people read. If the producers aren't filtering then you expect the consumers to know any better? very unlikely. ... read 6 more

Progress Traps (programming)

written by owen, 2015-Mar-7 read 2216 times.

Dale commented: Thanks for the link :D. I'd planned to add Unit Tests over this weekend but got tied up. It's more of a learning experience than getting to a specified goal though. It was "done" with one line of code but I didn't learn much doing that. ... read 3 more

The thought process behind design patterns (programming)

written by owen, 2015-Jan-1 read 1795 times.

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