Verbal Diarrhea

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written by SE on 2010-Feb-12.

Ah, some people just don't know when to STFU. Seriously.

This whole John Mayer situation, eerily reminiscent of several Kanye West situations, has me wondering why people just can't think before they speak. Especially when you're someone in the public eye.

In one interview this man:
- Kiss and told about several famous women he slept with
- Used a racial slur
- Admitted his penis was a white supremacist
- Offended women (black, white, yellow and brown) with his stereotypes
- Defamed Kerry Washington...

Do I need to go on? I hope everyone will have an equally long memory for John Mayer's transgressions as they did for Kanye West's.

This is a good assessment of the interview:

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  1. John Mayer is of no consequence. . .
    His saying stupidness doesn't make it so. Just makes him stupid.
    Really don't care.

    by Gods Child 2010-Feb-19