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Unloading a 747 full of jellybeans (programming)

written by owen, 2016-Apr-5 read 110 times.

Social media and why I still have a website

written by owen, 2016-Jan-21 read 189 times.

New_Fan commented: Nice Post! Good write up bro.. Keep doing your thing! PS. Found your site by clicking the signature on your profile on ... read 13 more

Failed web frameworks, open source is the new enterprise and other rants (programming)

written by owen, 2015-Dec-21 read 135 times.

Pitfalls of OOP, abridged (programming)

written by owen, 2015-Dec-5 read 112 times.

Sean Houslin commented: Nice piece ... One thing you hit on is the memory issue. I have seen OOP, debatably poorly used, bite the dust when processing a few tens of thousands of records on heavy hardware while a 'legacy' pure procedural system on dated hardware did a few hundred thousand / a few million without even a belch ... may be a small one. It is not a total indictment on OOP but it is way easier/more likely to OOP poorly than to procedurally program poorly. ... read 3 more

ES6 solves no problems and lets build a rocketship (programming)

written by owen, 2015-Nov-11 read 311 times.

Glenford Williams commented: just recently i was complaining to team mates about the need to stop the collection of tools that seem to keep making projects grow out of control. ... read 3 more

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