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Learning to Code as a API-Platform trap

written by owen, 2016-Sep-14 read 379 times.

The procgen rabbit hole, what I have learnt so far (programming)

written by owen, 2016-Aug-16 read 156 times.

Google Spaces and Sharing Blackholes (social media)

written by owen, 2016-May-20 read 148 times.

Jamaipanese commented: The internet is always evolving and responds to the needs of its users. In many ways I beleive it is a reflection of our wider society. Owen you cannot be one demential in your way of thinking. Thinking as a computer does with "input output storage etc" that's one of the problems with IT people like us and out inability to see beyond the 1's and the 0's. Beleive it or not some people do use social media as throwaway black holes that they care little about where sharing IS the endgame. Can you blame a Google or Facebag for living off of their perceived garbage? A service has NO responsibility to ensure you are productive. That like saying a bag juice must provide proper nutrients to be sold. Some of us are creators, artists, teachers, researchers, students, trolls, casuals etc. Again some will care about the value, others the experience, others might just be sheep. Some are a combination of these things or where different hats in different days or stages in life. Try to wrap your mind around the notion of people being different from you who might use/perceive a tool/site very different from your developer/archiver-centric view where EVERYTHING must fit a slot. As a blogger I try to go where the users/ viewers will potentially be or attempt to use tools that will attract more eyes to my content. Failure, trial and error etc is all apart of the process. Not every social media product will live and become successful. For every Facebag there is a gazillion Google+s. Are some sites totally useless and stained to fail? Maybe. But don't be butthurt because you fell in love with flavour of candy that was discontinued so you cry each time a new flavour is released. ... read 5 more

Clean Code, Refactoring, Real world Example (programming)

written by owen, 2016-Apr-28 read 98 times.

Code Quality and Clean Code (programming)

written by owen, 2016-Apr-23 read 113 times.

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