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The internet is a tutorial machine (programming)

written by owen, 2015-Nov-3 read 357 times.

Social media is killing our Creativity

written by owen, 2015-Oct-10 read 531 times.

owen commented: Jquery is very useful. Css3 is the domain of "modern browsers". If you have the right mix of both you can get by with having to keep up with the "hip crowd". Javascript is not anything new or revolutionary. People are just hyping it up and writing redundant articles. ... read 7 more

Why I am not too big on using Github (programming)

written by owen, 2015-Sep-23 read 571 times.

Living on the edge, noobs and Future geeks (programming)

written by owen, 2015-Jul-17 read 992 times.

Tech Trends: Rise of the consumer nerd

written by owen, 2015-Jun-23 read 668 times.

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