The Bleach Incident

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written by owen on 2006-Feb-09.

  • NK says: hi
  • NK says: you there ?
  • owen says: sup?
  • NK says: I was hospitalized for 2 days... for the first time in Canada
  • NK says: that too... with an Ambulance pickup
  • NK says: yesterday, I came out of Hos...
  • owen says: :O
  • owen says: man, what happened?
  • NK says: I was inhaled strong and punget... smell of bleach / Javex
  • NK says: which I was not aware .... when I was doing some cleaning in the bathroom
  • NK says: unfortunately, because of winter all the doors and windows were closed...
  • NK says: and I fell short of breath....
  • owen says: oh,
  • NK says: had to run of the house for air.... in - 12 centigrade..., snow
  • NK says: for 30 - 40 min.
  • NK says: and finally ran into Hypothermia
  • NK says: next door neighbour called the ambulance
  • NK says: to rescue the situation
  • owen says: man you almost killed you self!
  • NK says: I guess....
  • NK says: yes
  • NK says: it was very unfortuante situation
  • owen says: you doing better now?
  • NK says: Yeah... I am
  • NK says: I still feel fragile...
  • NK says: Luckily,... I have healthcard...
  • owen says: you'll be back up to strength in a couple a days
  • NK says: and did not incur and bills
  • NK says: yes, you are right
  • NK says: that would be fair enough time , i guess
  • owen says: just rest
  • NK says: I want you to post a message on your site - saying that some smart people have to be alert all the time
  • NK says: no matter who they are...
  • NK says: Lot of intelectual do know certain circumstances...
  • owen says: what doesn't kill you makes you stronger
  • NK says: absolutely
  • NK says: post message and hep people by alerting.... once in a life time
  • NK says: i think you can do that....
  • NK says: a simple bleach can put us ... dangerous situation
  • owen says: true

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  1. Good point. Since I am always cleaning ;) and I know a lot of cleaners, I will mention it to them.

    by mad bull 2007-Feb-17 

  2. come to think of it
    I've almost gotten myself in trouble with bleach and ajax
    sometimes it's better to leave dirty things alone

    by Gods Child 2008-Apr-15 

  3. Does this person speak English?

    by Tami 2008-Aug-31