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On a good day Simplenigma is single, female child, Marketing Consultant, hangs around a place called "egypt".

I have a cool website at Be sure to check it out.

This FDNY training is kicking my arse...



Statistically gorgeous and modest.


volunteering, gym, museums, indie/foreign films, cultural stuff, carnivals and photography

Interview Questions

What gifts did you want for Christmas that you didn't get this year?

Oh, I didn't add mine...

A Nixon watch
A papasan chair
Wine of the Month Club :)
Art supplies

How do you feel about peeing in the sea?

The sea, my underpants, the's all the same to me...When I need to go, I need to go.


What would you do if you found out your child is GAY?

Maybe it's just me, but I really don't understand questions like these...

I'd love my child just like I always love them. Granted, I wouldn't agree with their lifestyle, but to disown something that came from me that I had to push out God-knows-how-many-hours in labour? Not a blurtneet.

People don't disown their fornicating, adultering - even murdering children, and those are sins too, right? Last time I checked there was no little sin and big sin.

I won't agree with my kid's lifestyle, but very little would change in my relationship with him/her.

What do you think about the 80/20 thing?

I think it's a bunch of crock...:)

How has 2007 been for you?

2007 was a pretty good year for me: I got a job and the % increase in pay I'd set for myself last year; finally tried out for the FDNY; got over my first love; visited Africa; and saw my dad for the first time in about 3 years. Yeah, it's been pretty good.

How do you like your eggs?

A few women too. Mi nuh want not a fertilizer near mi egg dem. So with that in mind me like my eggs runny so they can dodge fertilization attempts. LOL.

If we talking bout egg whey come from chicken, I prefer those well-seasoned, scrambled with cheese and shrimp. Mmmmmm

Pimp Juice » Blue Goodness

written by Simplenigma, published 2008-Jun-12, comment

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My favorite is actually the Green Goodness and the Perfectly Protein, but I drink this one because it's packed with B vitamins and Biotin (and I feel like I'm going bald).

All natural, no sugar added. The best stuff on earth.

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owen commented: you are, you just don't know it yet. ... read 5 more

What gifts did you want for Christmas that you didn't get this year?

Hopefully smaddy wi sorry fi yuh and buy it gi yuh next year.

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Simplenigma answered: Oh, I didn't add mine... A Nixon watch A papasan chair Wine of the Month Club :) Art supplies ... read 5 more

Which is more important: intelligence or common sense?

Does your answer differ if it's a significant other, child, or friend?

written by Simplenigma on 2007-Aug-12, Answer this question18

Gods Child answered: Oh lord definitely common sense. I have met too many dunces with MD behind their names. Yes they can beat the books but they are totally bassackwards. ... read 17 more

The random photo journal » My Own Worst Enemy (Trapped)

written by Simplenigma, published 2007-Jun-17, comment

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Sometimes I feel like I'm my own worst enemy...this was one of those days.

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madbull commented: Nice, nice picture! Anyway, we all feel that way at times. Know what has me trapped? Money... or rather, the lack of it. ... read 2 more

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  1. From what I gather she doesn't like ketchup and talks too much. which in my book is a double deal breaker

    by owen 2008-Jul-04 

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