1. Should be 50/50

    by Gardistan 2007-Nov-22 

  2. What 80/20 thing?

    by Mad Bull 2007-Nov-22 

  3. Its from the movie but mostly from Irie Diva Rambles post

    by owen 2007-Nov-22 

  4. It's a bit soft, cuz sometimes what you have at home is 20 and you can find others outside 40/20/20, thats 3 times ones worth!

    by Tami 2007-Nov-23 

  5. I wonder how much it really matters .. i ain't governed by stigmatizaion just do what gets me by

    by bobby 2007-Nov-23 

  6. how about you be 80 yourself. [friendly]

    by Gods Child 2007-Nov-27 

  7. I'm not a easy person to love. plus why should I have to be all of 80?

    by owen 2007-Nov-27 

  8. well, Owen, if you're going to be a crummy date you'd better lower your standards

    by Gods child 2007-Nov-28 

  9. I never said I was a crummy date [upset]

    by owen 2007-Nov-29 

  10. well, what were we supposed to gather from "not a easy person to love"?
    and what happened to owensoft yesterday? Looked like it was crashed.

    by Gods Child 2007-Nov-30 

  11. gather what you may, love is a juice wth many tastes. it broke, I lost a table which it needed

    by owen 2007-Nov-30 

  12. lawd gee! mi tink mi do owen summn enuh LOL

    there is summn to the 80/20 rule...i quite believe it...i may twist and turn it to suit my needs but i like it. i think it speaks to the need for compromise and reality...

    by Irie Diva 2007-Nov-27 

  13. twist and turn hmmmm...typical oman tinking[confident]

    by owen 2007-Nov-27 

  14. I agree and them gwaan like say is men one minded

    by bobby 2007-Nov-27 

  15. I think it's a bunch of crock...:)

    by Simplenigma 2007-Dec-03