1. I'm gonna be watching this thread, and taking notes. :D

    by Hayo 2006-Nov-28 

  2. define women

    by gods child 2006-Nov-28 

  3. A woman is an adult female human being, as contrasted to a man, an adult male, and a girl, a female child.

    by owen 2006-Nov-28 

  4. That's like asking "What do men want"? I'm sure men want different things at different times. Like right now I want to shower a certain someone with presents and hugs and kisses but I don't know if he wants me to do that so I guess I could say, this woman wants information. A sign. Some indication.

    by Gods Child 2006-Nov-28 

  5. My money

    by Arie 2006-Nov-28 

  6. yes, and no
    witness Destiny's Child Bills, Bills, Bills vs. Independent Woman

    by Gods Child 2006-Nov-28 

  7. They want a whole load of things, but it works like a quantam superposition - you can never be sure exactly which things they want or don't want at a given point in time. (This is a fancy way of saying, girls are *way* to confusing to say that there is one single thing they're after... :-))

    by jnthn 2006-Nov-28 

  8. um.. security with a few jokes and feel good times in the mix.. to make it feel like love.. there are those that just want someone for wanting them sake.. (because they like the person for who they are.. but oh so rare is this case)..

    and the weird ones that only want a guy if the guy dont want them... WTF

    by taylor 2006-Nov-28 

  9. women want money, material gains, security, and a damn good man in bed...ohh and to have their own way

    by Cultus 2006-Nov-28 

  10. A woman wants as much love and consideration from her man as she gives to him.

    by Faith 2006-Nov-28 

  11. Not always. Every guy has dated an ugly girl.

    by Leon 2006-Nov-28 

  12. dis here woman, if she were looking, would want a man who is sensual, spontaneous, humorous, honest, tall (5ft 10 to 6 ft is good), in great shape but not necessarily muscular like a body builder, has a decent job that he is passionate about, who likes nature, likes adventure, likes travel.

    wow, that is a lot!

    he also must be a thinking man, spiritual without being a religious fanatic. so he must understand that ther eis some bigger force than he and I.

    by Yamfoot 2006-Nov-28 

  13. I don't really waste time worrying about what she wants. Eventually she will make that known through nagging. Does she know what I want, that is the question! ;-)

    by mad bull 2006-Nov-29 

  14. women want men who are mature .responsible,kind ND HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT LOL well thats what this women wants lol

    by SweetKisses88 2006-Nov-29 

  15. I just want Ice Cream and the new Incubus Album god dammit! No man could simulate what Incubus and ice cream does for me.

    by Tami 2006-Dec-08 

  16. Hey Tami i second that!

    by Tami 2006-Dec-13 

  17. if life was perfect, then this'd b realistic, so (unrealistically speaking) women want...
    - a nice (and at least decent looking but preferably hot) guy
    - a wardrobe full of HOT shoes (alex&alex, manolos, jimmy choos are nice too)
    - plenty of wonderful clothes

    *sigh* yeh.. thatd b niiice. [confident]

    by me 2007-Jan-12