1. never

    by alex 2006-Oct-06 

  2. kinda.. i mean i practically eat chicken every single day for lunch at work and when i get home guess whats for dinner.. yep its chicken.. sigh...

    by taylor 2006-Oct-06 

  3. Yes, I am somewhat tired of eating chicken. So i have started to devour pork, beef and fish...and still some chicken.

    by Stunner 2006-Oct-06 

  4. Never eat anything with a face :-D

    by twovthree 2006-Oct-07 

  5. sick and tired of chicken. ate big ass steaks for both lunch and dinner yesterday .. now I feel sick! :(
    Conch soup for supper..

    by Island Spice 2006-Oct-08 

  6. not really. But I suspect Chicken is tired of me--if it really is chicken.

    by gods child 2006-Oct-10 

  7. There's always fish
    or beef
    or mutton (goat)
    or duck
    or ham
    or ahhhhhhh memories of my family wanting to eat my turtle
    stick to chicken

    by Kash 2006-Oct-10 

  8. Time for all of you to deal with some ilaloo, iper and iumpkin!

    by mad bull 2006-Oct-10 

  9. Nope !!

    by DLBG 2007-May-02